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Connected period care, for modern times.

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Orchyd is not your average period care.

Welcome to life with Orchyd.

Orchyd is all about reshaping the way we look at menstrual care.

With an advanced app, Bluetooth-connected accessory, and easy on-demand doctor access, Orchyd changes your relationship with your period for good.

Created by sisters Courtney and Morgan King, Orchyd supports women and everyone who has a period. Valuing sustainability, inclusivity, and innovation, we've modernized the way you “go with the flow.”

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The period tracker, reimagined.

Features Included in Orchyd Other Solutions
Track flow, PMS, & fertility
24/7 access to OB/GYN network X
First two consultations with OB/GYN Now™ free with purchase X
100% data privacy & HIPAA compliant X
Completely ad-free X
Designed for everyone who has a period (assumes no gender identity or sexuality) X
SafeFlow™ reminds you when it's time to replace or remove period care products X
Easily share cycle info with partner, parent, doctor, etc. X
Geolocation of your smart wallet so you never leave home unprepared X

The facts. Period.


started their period unexpectedly in public without the supplies they needed.


hide their period care products on the way to the bathroom.


are looking for more affordable and easier access to an OB/GYN healthcare.

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